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Administration Guide
Application deployment and management : Web application management with TCMAN

Web application management with TCMAN

TCMAN includes a number of actions for deploying and managing Web applications to instances.
The following table is a brief description of the Web application management actions that you can perform with TCMAN. Entries link to the reference topics that provide more details, syntax, and examples.
Display all the Web applications that are deployed on an instance.
Display server and OS information for a running instance.
Deploy a Web application (.war file) to a Progress Application Server instance whether the server is running (online) or is not running (offline).
Remove a Web application from running (online) or stopped (offline) instances.
Restart a deployed, running web application so that the application can pick up changes to its classes or libraries.
List information from the core server’s memory, including web application statistics.
List Web applications with potential memory leaks.
Start a Web application that is deployed but not running.
Stop a running Web application.
List the global resources used by the core server.
Display how many sessions are active for the specified Web application, categorized by their duration.