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Calculating Rule Threshold Settings Using the Configuration Advisor : Configuration Advisor overview : Data analysis and recommended values overview : User-supplied criteria
User-supplied criteria
The following figure shows the initial Configuration Advisor page. In this example, the resource is an AppServer broker, asbroker1.
Figure 46. Configuration Advisor page
On the Configuration Advisor page, specify these values:
*A particular period of time, such as a week, in which data about a given rule is gathered and stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. Consider using the OpenEdge Management-supplied default values associated with a rule to establish this setting.
*A time frame that defines a representative period in which a rule is generally active or being used. This time frame is the period against which you want to calculate your baseline value. To gather this data with a high degree of accuracy, you will want to select a period of time in which your resources are most active in performing reads, writes, and updates to your system.
It is recommended that you use the OpenEdge Management-supplied, Configuration Advisor-related default values for a set period of time (for example, one week) to capture data to the OpenEdge Management Trend Database for a rule. This initial step will provide you sufficient data to perform the comparison.
Note: Your monitoring plan schedules are not necessarily the best choice for a time frame. A schedule defines a period of time in which rules are in effect; it does not necessarily focus on time periods in which your resource usage is highest. For example, you might use the 24x7 monitoring plan schedule to constantly monitor your system, but would select Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM to calculate your baseline settings.
*The rule or rules for which you want to determine recommended values.
The Configuration Advisor reviews monitoring plans defined for a resource, looking for polled rules that can be calculated by the Configuration Advisor. If any of these rules are present, it shows them as preselected (as identified by a check mark). Deselect any rules for which you do not want recommended values to be calculated by removing the check mark next to the rule. When you deselect the check mark, the Configuration Advisor does not calculate the rule threshold setting for that rule.