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Calculating Rule Threshold Settings Using the Configuration Advisor : Configuration Advisor overview

Configuration Advisor overview

The Configuration Advisor is an OpenEdge Management feature that helps you to determine optimum threshold settings for specific polled rules used. An alternative to using OpenEdge Management-supplied default values or values that you might arbitrarily set, the Configuration Advisor recommends threshold settings based on a representative sampling of historical data stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database.
Note: You must have administrator privileges to use the Configuration Advisor.
The Configuration Advisor analyzes a rule's past performance for a specified period of time and, based on that data, calculates a baseline value. A baseline value is a number that serves as the base for calculating a set of possible threshold settings based on your system's past activity for a specific rule.
You then compare the existing rule threshold value with the recommended options to determine how to set the rule's threshold. When you select one of the recommended settings, OpenEdge Management will use this setting the next time the rule is evaluated.
Recommendations are based on a representative sampling of data from the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. When you apply a recommend rule threshold setting, the alerts triggered as a result of rule violations provide a more meaningful indication of your resource's performance.
Note: Depending on such factors as the time OpenEdge Management requires to retrieve, evaluate, and generate baseline values, resources could be dedicated to this task for an unknown period of time. Allot a period of time to experiment with this feature to familiarize yourself with its benefits and processing requirements.
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