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Calculating Rule Threshold Settings Using the Configuration Advisor : Configuration Advisor overview : Data analysis and recommended values overview : The Configuration Advisor's data analysis process
The Configuration Advisor's data analysis process
When you submit the completed Configuration Advisor page, the Configuration Advisor extracts individual rule-related data from the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. Based on the availability of a minimum requirement of 32 valid data samples per rule to be calculated for the designated date range, the Configuration Advisor determines a baseline value.
A valid data sample is a data sample that is determined not to be a null value (any whole number that is not zero). For example, the Rejected Request Percent High rule is determined when the quantity of rejected requests is divided by the quantity of received requests. The result must be a non-zero, whole number.
This baseline value is used to calculate the recommended ranges. A data sample of 32 identifies a statistically meaningful representative portion of a rule's performance data as stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. This sampling provides sufficient data from which the Configuration Advisor can determine a baseline value and subsequently perform a successful analysis of each rule's data.