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Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data : Examining WebSpeed-related Operational views

Examining WebSpeed-related Operational views

The WebSpeed Details page provides an Operational views section that allows you to access and review data related to the performance of:
*A specific WebSpeed broker
*A pool of agents associated with a specific broker
Data for both the WebSpeed broker and the broker's agent pool can appear in text and graph formats.
Note: The graphs associated with the WebSpeed Operational views appear only when the Broker statistics available field on the WebSpeed Control page displays a True status. See Data collection details for details.
The following figure shows the Operational views section of the WebSpeed Details page, which also includes a link to status information.
Figure 11. WebSpeed Operational views section
The following sections describe how to access and interpret each of the performance views.
* Accessing and reviewing the Broker Performance View
* Accessing and reviewing the Agents Performance View