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Managing SonicMQ Adapter Data : Modifying SonicMQ Adapter control settings : Changing SonicMQ Adapter controls

Changing SonicMQ Adapter controls

This section describes how to change SonicMQ Adapter controls.
To change the SonicMQ Adapter's property settings:
1. From the grid frame for Resources, click the Edit icon to display the details page for the SonicMQ Adapter instance whose property settings you want to customize. See Accessing OpenEdge Management resource information for the detailed steps.
2. Click Control in the Command and control section to display the SonicMQ Adapter Control page, as shown:
You can make the following changes:
*To change the current setting of the Enabled property, click Edit. Then select or deselect the Enabled property to add or remove the check mark. You must also restart the SonicMQ Adapter broker so that the property change is recognized.
Note: A check mark appears to indicate that the Enabled property is set. To clear this option, click the check mark in the box associated with the option. The check mark is deleted to indicate that the option is no longer set.
*To change the current setting of the Broker statistics available property displayed in the Broker Summary section of the SonicMQ Adapter Control page, see Data collection details.
*To exit this page without changing any values and return to theSonicMQ AdapterDetails page, click either Back in the browser, or the SonicMQ Adapter instance link on the breadcrumb trail.
You can also change the SonicMQ Adapter's broker controls by starting or stopping the broker instance. To start or stop a SonicMQ Adapter broker instance, see Starting or Stopping OpenEdge resources.