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Calculating Rule Threshold Settings Using the Configuration Advisor : Configuration Advisor overview : Data analysis and recommended values overview : Calculated recommended threshold rules
Calculated recommended threshold rules
Once the calculation process is completed for each rule, the Configuration Advisor presents its results on the Configuration Advisor calculations page. Your initial criteria and each rule and the associated monitoring plans for which the rule applies are shown.
The following figure shows the page that appears after you submit your initial Configuration Advisor page.
Figure 47. Configuration Advisor recommended thresholds
The following time period was used for analysis section of this page summarizes the values defined on the initial Configuration Advisor page. These values are shown here to remind you about the time period criteria you set.
The Rule section contains all the rule-related calculated data. For each rule that is successfully processed, the range of recommended results appears in the Recommended Values drop-down list. Each rule row also shows the current rule setting for each rule as defined for each individual monitoring plan. You can select a recommended rule threshold setting and existing monitoring plan, or plans, to which you want the range to apply.
The recommended settings are expressed in a mathematical expression consistent with the rule threshold's unit of measure. The above figure shows that the unit of measure for Queued Request Percent High is Percent queued and Rejected Request Percent High is Percent rejected. The unit of measure for Process CPU High is percent.
Note: As you compare the existing and recommended values, you can elect to change none, some, or all values for a rule and for each individual monitoring plan.
Until you click Update Selected Rules, OpenEdge Management does not apply any of your selections.
If the data analysis calculation for a rule was unsuccessful, the Configuration Advisor cannot define a range. An Insufficient data for analysis message appears in the Recommended Values drop-down list field. For example, if a data sample for the defined time period is not equal to or greater than 32, this message appears because there are not enough data samples available for the Configuration Advisor to make a meaningful recommendation.