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Managing WebSpeed Transaction Server Data : Modifying WebSpeed control settings : WebSpeed Control page content : Broker summary
Broker summary
The Broker summary section displays read-only values for these fields: the broker name, its host machine's name, associated port number and process identification number (PID), the broker's current status, operating mode, and whether the broker is currently set to collect broker-related statistical data.
Note the following additional details about these fields:
*The Broker name, Host (machine name), Port (number), and Operating mode fields display values as they are defined in the file.
*The Broker PID and Status fields reflect real-time values based on the broker's current status. The Broker PID is also a link to more broker process details. See Viewing broker process details for more details.
*The Broker statistics available field also reflects a current, real-time value. However, the value displayed in this field depends on additional factors. See Data collection details for more details.