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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring Network Resources : Using the HTTP resource monitor to determine Web site status : General considerations : Web page redirection
Web page redirection
When attempting to retrieve a web page, your client might be directed to a page other than the one initially requested.
This situation can occur for the following reasons:
*Redirection — Occurs when the server informs the client that it is being redirected and sends the client to the new page. When redirection occurs within the context of using an HTTP Monitor, a redirection alert occurs if you have selected the Alert if URL was redirected option on the Edit status rule page.
*Aliasing — Occurs when the server sends the client to a different page without informing the client. The client believes that it has retrieved the Web page that was originally requested. Because the server does not inform the client that it has been sent to a different page, the HTTP Monitor cannot trigger redirection alerts, even if the Alert if URL was redirected option is selected on the Edit status rule page.