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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring Network Resources : Using the HTTP resource monitor to determine Web site status

Using the HTTP resource monitor to determine Web site status

OpenEdge Management supports a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) resource monitoring feature that allows you to monitor various aspects of a Web page. Businesses that rely heavily on the Internet to convey information to customers and conduct business transactions need to ensure that their company's Web site is reliable, accurate, and accessible. Establishing HTTP resource monitors for these Web sites can help fulfill this need.
Like other resources you can set up in OpenEdge Management, characteristics of an HTTP resource monitor are defined in properties that you establish. You can also establish optional authentication properties for an HTTP resource monitor. The purpose of this process is to provide basic authentication capabilities. However, this authentication scheme is not considered to be a secure method of authentication unless it is used with another external security system because username and password data are passed over the network as clear text.
* General considerations
* Creating an HTTP resource monitor