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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Creating a resource monitoring plan : Trending considerations

Trending considerations

You can choose to have OpenEdge Management trend performance data to the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. Consider the following points when setting trending options:
*Different trend expectations exist for different resource types. Therefore, each trend interval has a different meaning depending on the data to be trended. Refer to the specific resource type in this guide for detailed information about data trending expectations for each resource type.
*If you set a trending value in the Trend Performance Data every field, OpenEdge Management will use the value you provide in combination with the value in the Polling Interval field to calculate the trending interval.
For example, if you initially set a Polling Interval of 30 seconds and also set the Trend Performance Data every field to trend data every 3 polls, OpenEdge Management will automatically calculate the trending interval as 90 seconds. You will see this result when you view the summary of the resource monitor's performance.