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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring System Resources : Reviewing system resource monitoring plans : Reviewing the file system resource monitoring plan

Reviewing the file system resource monitoring plan

OpenEdge Management provides a default file system resource monitor. The resource monitor name depends on the operating system and the file systems that are found on the machine.
You can also add more file system monitors. Depending on the initial configuration options you selected, it is possible that all file systems found on your machine will have default monitors created for them. For more information about file system options available during the OpenEdge Management setup and installation process, see the appropriate section of OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Getting Started.
Note: Keep in mind that some of the file systems that are available to be monitored might not, in fact, be suitable for monitoring. UNIX-related examples that are considered unsuitable for monitoring include pseudo file systems used by the Kernel such as /proc, file systems that are actually mount points for remote or unmounted file systems. File system resource monitors set up for these types of file systems would be ineffective.
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