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Resource Monitoring
Monitoring System Resources : Reviewing system resource monitoring plans : Reviewing the file system resource monitoring plan : File system statistics
File system statistics
By establishing values for statistics, you define the rules for a file system resource monitor. OpenEdge Management collects the following statistics related to the utilization of file systems:
*File System Name — The name of the file system as it is known to the operating system
*File system usage — The percentage of file system capacity used
The File system usage exceeds statistic is gathered primarily for trend analysis. You can review these statistics and trend details to predict, to some extent, when it is time to extend or redesign your file system. Provided nothing other than the database is located on the file system, this detail indicates the database growth over time. You can set an alert to trigger when the percentage of file system capacity is exceeded.
The file system information can also help with mapping device-busy metrics to a file system. You can see which files are involved with performance issues.