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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Working with default values : Reviewing and changing global settings

Reviewing and changing global settings

During the OpenEdge Management installation process, you have the option of choosing global settings for various resource options. At any time after the initial installation, you can review and update these settings. Specifically, you can enable and disable global settings for the following OpenEdge Management elements:
*Polling activities for all resources
*Trending activities data for all resources
*Alert generation
To update the global settings:
1. Click Options in the OpenEdge Management console.
2. In the list frame, select Resource Monitoring.
The OpenEdge Management Resource Monitoring Configuration page appears.
3. To enable or disable global resource monitoring settings, select or clear the appropriate options.
The resource monitoring settings are independent of each other and are useful for diagnostic purposes because they allow you to disable specific OpenEdge Management functionality. For example, if you know that your OpenEdge Management Trend Database is going to be taken down for maintenance, you can elect to turn off trending, but leave the rest of OpenEdge Management running.
If you disable polling, trending, or alerts, an associated icon appears in the upper-right corner of the menu bar to indicate that the option is currently disabled. When polling is disabled at this configuration level, a message indicating that the polling has been disabled appears on each individual resource monitor-related page.
For further information about updating global resource monitoring settings, see Working with default values . For details about setting actions for OpenEdge Management internal alerts, see OpenEdge Management: Alerts Guide and Reference.