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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Creating a resource monitoring plan : Sharing rules and rule sets : Choosing a rule's values
Choosing a rule's values
To review and change rule definitions or other default values for a sample disk resource:
1. Click Resources > Go to Resources in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for, and select the disk, whose rule definitions you want to review or modify.
The Disk: <disk name> page appears.
3. Under Monitoring Plans, click either a schedule or its Edit button. (The Edit button is located to the right of the plan's trending information.)
The Monitoring Plan page for the disk appears.
4. Review the rule definition as follows:
*Accept or change the default value that displays in the Alert if disk activity exceeds field. This is the only rule unique to setting up a disk resource monitor. For example, you might want to perform disk monitoring to determine if your disk usage is greater than 75 percent busy at certain peak times during the work week. In this field, you would override the default value of 90.0 with 75.0.
*Accept the default alert severity, or choose another severity option from the drop-down list associated with the Alert severity field.
*Identify alert behavior by accepting or changing values in the fields listed in the following table:
Throw alert after: failed poll(s)
Indicates how many times in a row the polling interval must fail before an alert is generated
Throw additional alerts
Lets you choose when the alerts are thrown—either after a clear or after a specified number of failures
On alert perform action
Triggers the action you specify to occur when an alert is generated
Clear alert after: successful poll(s)
Indicates the number of sequential successful polls that must occur before an alert is cleared
On clear perform action
Triggers the action you specify when an alert is cleared
Note: By default, the On alert perform action is set to Default_Action. The On clear performance action is set by default to Default_Clear_Action; selecting an action for this field is optional.
5. When you finish, click Save.
The Disk: <disk name> page reappears. All values you entered for the plan and rule definitions are now in effect. Any future alerts generated for this resource are based on the new criteria you set.