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Resource Monitoring
Creating Jobs and Job Templates : Creating a job instance : Job chaining : A word about recursion
A word about recursion
You cannot create a job exit action that is self-referencing. OpenEdge Management prevents you from creating this type of situation in a job chain. However, OpenEdge Management will not detect the situation in which you create a self-reference further down a job chain.
It is possible for recursion to occur in an instance in a job chain when the job called is any other number of steps removed from the original job in the chain. For example, OpenEdge Management will not be able to detect a self-referencing job in a situation in which Job A references Job B and concludes with a reference back to Job A.
Recursion is not a potential issue in the example described in the Sample job chaining scenario figure above. Each of the job instances in the job chain is uniquely defined. Similarly, recursion is not an issue in the Sample job chaining with flow control scenario figure above because only one of the two possible chains in the job flow will be followed.