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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Configuration
Managing OpenEdge ABL applications deployed to a PAS for OpenEdge instance : Managing PAS for OpenEdge transport services : Managing WEB transports : Managing WEB handlers
Managing WEB handlers
You can add, edit or delete a WebHandler using the ABL WebApp: <webapp name> page.
To manage the WebHandlers:
1. Click Resources > Go to Resources in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for, and select the required PAS for OpenEdge instance.
For example, type the default PAS for OpenEdge instance name, oepas1, in the Filter field or select Progress Application Server as the selection in the Type drop-down menu and select the PAS instance.
The Progress Application Server: <instance name> page appears.
3. Click an ABL application listed in the ABL Applications section.
The ABL Application: <ABL application name> page appears.
Note: The OpenEdge manager web application, oemanager, must be installed on PAS for OpenEdge for you to manage OpenEdge ABL applications and transport services while the PAS for OpenEdge instance is running.
4. Click an ABL Web application listed in the ABL WebApps section.
The ABL WebApp: <webapp name> page appears.
5. Click Handlers in WEB Transport section.
The Web handlers: <webapp name> page appears.
6. To add a handler:
a. Click Add handler to add a WebHandler.
b. Enter the properties of the handler you want to add in the Handler class and Handler URL sections.
c. Click Update to update the grid list.
d. Click Save to save the handler properties to file.
7. To edit a handler listed in the grid:
a. Click Edit against the handler you want to make changes.
b. Click Update and click Save.
To cancel the changes you made, click Cancel.
8. To delete a handler listed in the grid:
a. Click Delete against the handler you want to delete.
b. Click Yes to confirm in the Delete handler confirmation dialog box that appears.
To cancel deletion, click No
c. Click Save to update the file.
9. Optionally, you can drag and drop the handlers to change the order of the handlers in the list. Click Save to update the file