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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Configuration
Managing OpenEdge ABL applications deployed to a PAS for OpenEdge instance

Managing OpenEdge ABL applications deployed to a PAS for OpenEdge instance

A PAS for OpenEdge instance can have several deployed OpenEdge ABL Web applications on it. An OpenEdge ABL Web application is hosted on an Application Server (OpenEdge AppServer or PAS for OpenEdge) and is accessible to a client application through a Web server. OpenEdge also supports REST, SOAP, APSV, and WEB transport services for accessing the ABL application logic.
For more information on creating and deploying OpenEdge ABL Web applications, see Progress Developer Studio Online Help.
Note: In the default PAS for OpenEdge configuration, the ROOT application is the default OpenEdge ABL application.
To manage deployed OpenEdge ABL applications, a PAS for OpenEdge instance provides ABL Applications section. You must install only the Web application you want to manage.
Note: The OpenEdge manager web application, oemanager, must be installed on PAS for OpenEdge for you to manage OpenEdge ABL applications and transport services while the PAS for OpenEdge instance is running.
You can also collect metrics to view count and time-related information about the ABL applications over a period. Examples of such information include the number of requests made and average response time of the Web application. To manage the collection of metrics, set the OpenEdge ABL application-specific collectMetrics property in the file that is available in the <PAS-instance-dir>\conf folder.
OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer provides collection viewlets using which you can monitor PAS for OpenEdge resources. You can select a collection viewlet from the Collections list in the Dashboard menu to view graphs for resources such as requests sent to the ABL application, requests to the ABL application transports, and CPU usage by ABL agents and Web server. If you rest your mouse pointer on plotted graph line for a resource, you can view a pop-up that displays the resource ID and x and y-axis values at that point on the graph. For more information on creating and managing collection viewlets, see the Collection views section in OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring.
This section discusses all the tasks you require to manage OpenEdge ABL applications deployed on your PAS for OpenEdge instance.
* Managing OpenEdge ABL application settings
* Managing PAS for OpenEdge transport services