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Database Management
Database Resource Monitoring : Using the Configuration Advisor

Using the Configuration Advisor

The Configuration Advisor calculates suggested threshold values for rules by analyzing trend data. When you apply a recommended rule threshold setting, the alerts triggered as a result of rule violations provide a more meaningful indication of your resource's performance than if you were to arbitrarily set rule values.
The Configuration Advisor analyzes a rule's past performance for a specified period of time and, based on this data, indicates a baseline value. A baseline value is a number that serves as the foundation for calculating a set of possible threshold settings based on your system's past activity for a specific rule.
It is recommended that you use the Configuration Advisor-related default values for a set period of time (for example, one week) to capture rule data to the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. This initial step will provide you sufficient data with which to perform the comparison.
Keep the following points in mind before you run the Configuration Advisor for the first time:
*Each rule you want to analyze must have at least 32 data samples stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database. This sampling provides sufficient data from which the Configuration Advisor can determine a baseline value and subsequently perform a successful analysis of each rule's data.
*A polled rule must currently be associated with an active monitoring plan for it to be a candidate for processing by the Configuration Advisor.
*If your monitoring plan contains after-imaging (AI) rules but you do not have after-imaging enabled for the database, do not select AI rules for analysis. When a monitoring plan contains AI rules and AI is not enabled for the database, the value stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database is zero. The Configuration Advisor works by contrasting the OpenEdge Management Trend Database data against the rule's range of values. Since zero falls outside the range of values, the Configuration Advisor's analysis becomes meaningless and it returns a baseline value that is meaningless.
* Initiating the Configuration Advisor
* Understanding the recommended threshold settings
* Comparing and selecting threshold settings
* Submitting your threshold setting selections
* Determining the effectiveness of your selections