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Database Management
Database Resource Monitoring : Using the Configuration Advisor : Comparing and selecting threshold settings

Comparing and selecting threshold settings

By default, the Configuration Advisor assumes that you are going to select and submit one of the recommended threshold settings; it provides a check mark in the Update field for each rule row. However, you have options concerning the selection process. As you compare the existing and recommended values, you can elect to change none, some, or all values for a rule and each individual monitoring plan.
This section provides the procedure you can use to compare the current rule setting with the recommended threshold settings, and to update each schedule with your specific selections. Perform this comparison to help you determine your final selection.
To compare and select threshold settings:
1. For a specific row, note the value that displays in the Current Threshold field under a specific schedule.
2. Click Recommended Values to display the range of recommended values for the associated rule.
3. Compare the possible Recommended Values that display with the value in the Current Threshold field. As you determine the best threshold rule setting, keep your goals for this rule in mind. Also, consider any additional selection criteria as you compare values.
4. Repeat these steps for each rule and its associated monitoring plan.
* Additional selection criteria