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Database Management
Database Resource Monitoring : Monitoring managed databases : Modifying database monitoring plans

Modifying database monitoring plans

You can modify the default database monitoring plan or other database monitoring plans you create.
To modify a database monitoring plan:
1. Click Resources > Go to Resources in OpenEdge Management console menu.
All resources managed by your console appears in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for the database whose monitoring plan you want to update. The Database details page appears.
3. Click Monitoring Plans in the Command and control section of the Database details page.
The monitoring plans for the specified database appear.
4. Click Edit for the schedule associated with the plan that you want to update.
When the Default Schedule Plan is selected, the following Edit Default_Schedule Monitoring Plan page appears:
5. Edit the values in the Monitoring plan definition section as needed.
To see or modify current trend value settings, click Advanced Settings. Then click Save.
6. Click Add Rule in the Rules selected for this plan section of the page. The Select Database Rules page appears.
7. Click the rule you want to add and update the values you want to edit. Click Save. The Select Database Rules page reappears.
Note: Any rules you define and add are associated only with this particular plan. If you create another plan and add the same rules, you can select values that are appropriate for that particular plan.
8. Repeat Step 7 for each additional rule you want to apply to this plan. After you add and define the criteria for each rule you want to add, click Done Adding Rules on the Select Database Rules page. The Edit page for your schedule reappears.
You can also add rule sets to your plan by clicking Select Rule Sets in the Rules selected for this plan section of the page (shown in Step 4). See Associating a rule set with a database monitoring plan for information about adding rule sets.
9. Click Save. The updated monitoring plan appears in the monitoring plan definition at the top of the Monitoring Plan summary page.