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Alerts Guide and Reference
Alerts Setup and Maintenance : Viewing alert information : Viewing alerts : Viewing alerts in the Alerts page
Viewing alerts in the Alerts page
The following figure shows a sample of the contents you might see in the OpenEdge Management Alerts page when you click Alerts > Go to Alerts in the management console menu.
Figure 4. Outstanding alerts displayed on the Alerts page
You can find and perform the following on the Alerts page:
*Icons related to an alert's severity level appear to the left of a brief alert message.
*A grid frame that supports tooltips. A tooltip displays summary about an alert.
When you place your cursor over an alert icon, summarized alert message details appear after a few moments.
*Sort alerts by Message, Resource Name, Last occurrence, First occurrence, or Alert Name
*Group alerts by AdminServer, Resource, or Severity Using the drop-down menu in the Group By field.
*Filtering options to select and display Alerts for resource, Alerts for adminserver, Alerts of type, or Alerts that last occurred prior to.
Each alert's complete contents can be displayed on the Alert details Summary page by clicking the name of the alert in the grid frame. See Viewing Alert details in the details frame for more information.