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Alerts Guide and Reference
Alerts Setup and Maintenance : Viewing alert information

Viewing alert information

Details related to all outstanding alerts regardless of their type—polled, asynchronous, or internal—are visible through the OpenEdge Management console. You can review alert data through various access points, such as:
*Reviewing information of unseen, total, worst severity, and most recent alerts by selecting Alerts in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
*Selecting Alerts > Go to Alertsin the console menu to display the alerts in the grid frame.
*Reviewing summary alert information that can be displayed on views defined for collections pages.
*Reviewing alerts associated with a specific resource in the Alerts column of the Resources view.
*Reviewing alerts specific to a resource in the resource's home page.
*Reviewing alerts associated with a particular resource on the resource's monitoring summary page.
*Reviewing alert details that can be sent by e-mails to electronic mail boxes, PDAs, or other types of electronic devices that support text message displays
*Generating and reviewing alert data using the OpenEdge Management reporting feature
*Reviewing alert-related data in the AdminServer log file
*Reviewing data stored in the OpenEdge Management Trend Database
* Viewing alerts
* Viewing Alert details in the details frame
* Views defined for collection pages
* Viewing alerts in a resource's home page
* Viewing alerts details in the Resource Monitoring Summary page
* Sending e-mail notifications
* OpenEdge Management reports
* Displaying the OpenEdge Management log file
* The OpenEdge Management Trend Database