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Alerts Guide and Reference
Alerts Reference : DiskBusyThresholdExceeded



"Disk Busy Threshold Exceeded! Value: x, Threshold: y."


Sent when a disk's configured threshold is exceeded.




Consider the following options to reduce the disk's load:
*Spread databases across multiple disks which will increase the Blocks in database buffers (-B parameter).
*Add more disks.
*Request that your system administrator invest in faster disks.


*Adding more disks to a system increases overall disk I/O because reads and writes can span across multiple disks. However, the performance results depend on how the multiple disks are grouped and how you structure your databases.
*For information on how your OpenEdge databases affect disk I/O, view the following OpenEdge VSTs:
*_ActBuffer._Buffer-OSRds — Displays information about the number of database block reads from disk
*_ActBuffer._Buffer-OSWrts — Displays information about the number of database block writes to disk
*_ActIOType — Displays information about types of input/output activity, such as database reads and writes, BI and AI reads, total reads, BI and AI writes, and committed transactions
*_ActIOFile — Displays information about input/output activity, including the number of reads, writes, and extends for each file