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Alerts Guide and Reference
Alerts Setup and Maintenance : Viewing alert information : Views defined for collection pages : Customizing alert details
Customizing alert details
Collections support different options that allow you to tailor the alert details that appear on an OpenEdge Management collections page. From the options available on the Customize Viewlet page, you can modify what appears in the Resource with alerts viewlet that appears on a main collections page.
To customize alert and resource details on an OpenEdge Management collections page:
1. Click the Customize Viewlet icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the Resources with alerts standard viewlet. The Customize Viewlet page appears:
2. Select one of the following options in the Resources with alerts to show section:
*All resources in project — Includes all resources in OpenEdge Management whether a resource is in a collection or not
*All resources in collection — Limits resource inclusion to those resources defined for a specific collection
*All resources in collection and its descendants — Identifies resources in a collection and resources defined in sub-collections associated with the collection
3. Select a maximum of three options in the Fields to display section.
By default, all three options are selected. To deselect any option, click the checkmark.
4. Click Save.
Any changes you make to Resources with alerts to show and Fields to display settings appear in the Resources with alerts viewlet the next time you view the collections page.