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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Working with tenants : Creating a new tenant for a multi-tenant database : Using a tenant configuration program

Using a tenant configuration program

Using OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer, you can create a tenant for a multi-tenant database. If you prefer, you can, as an alternative, set up the tenant's properties, generate a tenant creation ABL program based on those properties, and save the program so you can run it when you want. Generating the program alone does not create the tenant; you create the tenant when you run the generated program.
Similarly, if you have an existing tenant whose configuration you want to reuse, you can generate a tenant creation program from that tenant. You might also want to use the generated code as a template for writing your own tenant creation program within your own application.
Generating the program for a new or an existing tenant creates a .p file (procedure file) that you then use to create the tenant and all its settings, including partition assignments. If you are generating a program for an existing tenant, you can include domain and user information associated with the tenant. For a new tenant, domain and user details are not yet available in the database; therefore, no user or domain information is included in the program.
When you create and save a tenant program, you can then use that program to create a tenant with the settings you have defined. You can also modify a generated program before you run it.