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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Working with tenants : Creating a new tenant for a multi-tenant database

Creating a new tenant for a multi-tenant database

Using the multi-tenancy configuration tool, you can create a new tenant for a database enabled for multi-tenancy. As you are creating the tenant, you can specify a schema storage area location for each type of multi-tenant database object (table, index, or LOB field). You can also determine if access to the tenant's data should be enabled or disabled.
Once you finish specifying all the tenant's settings, you can either:
*Create the tenant immediately.
*Generate a tenant configuration ABL program that you can use to create a tenant.
You can also create a new tenant from an existing tenant or from a tenant template. A tenant template defines common general and partition settings, making it easier for you to create the new tenant. For more information about working with tenant templates, see Using tenant templates.
Details related to creating the tenant and generating a tenant program are provided in the following sections.
* Allocating tenant partitions
* Specifying an alternate buffer pool
* Using a tenant configuration program
* Creating a new tenant or tenant program