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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Updating tenant schema : Uploading schema for a multi-tenant database

Uploading schema for a multi-tenant database

As you work with a multi-tenant database, you may find that you need to update its schema. For example, consider the situation in which you have a multi-tenant application in production, serving tenants, and you want to update the application with additional functionality. If the application update also requires you to update the database schema, you can do this while the database is online by loading the data definition (.df) file that contains the schema modifications.
Once you load the data definition file, you can optionally preview the file's contents before applying the changes to the database. If you prefer, you can commit the changes without reviewing the preview.
Note that for the data definition file to upload correctly, its contents must be properly formatted.
* Selecting and loading the data definition file
* Previewing the contents of an uploaded data definition file