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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Updating tenant schema : Uploading schema for a multi-tenant database : Selecting and loading the data definition file

Selecting and loading the data definition file

You can select and load a data definition file from the Load Data Definitions (.df) page.
1. On the management console menu, choose one of the following:
*Select Database Administration > Load > Data Definitions (.df file)
*Select Database Administration > Go to Database Administration.The Database Administration page appears.
Filter or search for, and select the required database connection. The database connection home page appears.
In the Data Administration section, click Load data definitions (.df file).
2. Click Browse to locate the file you want to upload.
The file name appears in the Data definitions (.df file) field.
3. Select an available database connection from the Database connection drop-down list. (Note that a database server must be running for you to connect to the database.)
4. Choose one:
*Choose Commit. The Confirm Commit database definitions dialog appears. For more information about this dialog, see Committing changes to a multi-tenant database.
*Click Preview. The changes are uploaded to the server and the preview appears, as described in Previewing the contents of an uploaded data definition file.