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Getting Started
Setting Up OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer for the First Time : Choosing initial configuration options : Setting initial configurations for OpenEdge Management : Specifying the Admin Password
Specifying the Admin Password
OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer both initialize with a default user name and password for the administrator. The default value for both the user name and the password is admin.
You must change the password on the Configuration page after you log in for the first time, and you should change it at frequent intervals thereafter. To change the password at any time other than during initial configuration, do so from the Authorized Users page. See Adding users as administrators or operators for more information.
The new password you provide on the Configuration page does not take effect until you stop and restart OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, by either shutting down and restarting the host machine or using the appropriate command-line interface (CLI) commands. See Using the command-line interface for more information.
To change the administrator password:
1. Enter your new administrator password in the Password field of the Admin password section.
2. Confirm the new password by typing it in the Confirm password field. When you stop and restart OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, remember to use the new password.
Note that the default user name of admin remains valid. The password is encrypted using the SHA-256 hashing algorithm.
3. Continue to the next section on the Configuration page, where you indicate if you want to start OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer automatically when the AdminServer starts. (You should delay clicking Submit until after reviewing and/or selecting all options on the Configuration page.)