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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Adding users as administrators or operators

Adding users as administrators or operators

OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer provide two different user roles: administrator and operator. One predefined user with an administrator role is provided and is named admin.
An administrator user can add other users and specify their role. The administrator user has access to all OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer functionalities. In OpenEdge Management, an administrator user can, for example, read all OpenEdge Management information, modify settings and configurations, set operations into action (such as starting or stopping the database), and delete resources and users. In OpenEdge Explorer, an administrator user can access and control certain database and OpenEdge server operations.
At a minimum, operator users can view configurations and configure their own views. Operators can also change their own passwords and descriptions. The operator role can be configured by administrators to give operator users access to more functionality.
If a user's role changes from administrator to operator and the user is logged on at the time, any operator restrictions become effective for that user immediately. In other words, the links or buttons, for example, that operators no longer have access to become disabled immediately for the affected user.
User accounts are defined solely within OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer. They define who can log in using a Web browser.
* Managing the authorized users list
* Adding a new user
* Changing passwords and descriptions
* Changing the Admin password
* Deleting users