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Configuring third-party Web applications : Sample Web application in OpenEdge Management

Sample Web application in OpenEdge Management

A typical install of OpenEdge Management comes with a sample Web application WAR file and its original source code bundled in a ZIP file included in the $OEM/samples directory. The sample Web application is a single page application with a sample REST API. To access the REST API sample, see Accessing the REST API extension. To begin with, you can use this sample Web application as a template for third-party Web applications.
The sample Web application provides the following:
*Java Web application definition including the web.xml file and the required file structure.
*Configuration for Web application security using Shiro. OpenEdge Management uses Shiro for its security configuration.
*A sample REST API implementation based on REST annotated classes in OpenEdge Management.
*Hooks to add menu entries to menus in OpenEdge Management.
*A sample web page with OpenEdge Management styling that can be used as a template for custom web pages.
* Using the sample Web application
* Accessing the REST API extension
* REST API for the sample Web application
* Accessing resources
* Compiling sample Web application using Ant