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Configuring AppServers and AppServer Internet Adapters : AppServer configuration and administration : Configuring an AppServer : AppServer broker properties : AppServer broker Controlling NameServer properties
AppServer broker Controlling NameServer properties
Table 56. AppServer Broker Controlling NameServer properties
Register with NameServer
Indicates whether or not to register the AppServer with a controlling NameServer.
Controlling NameServer
The name of the NameServer with which this AppServer registered. If you did not select to register the broker with a NameServer, the field is disabled.
Registration mode
How the broker specifies its hostname if it is registering with a controlling NameServer. This hostname information is passed onto a client application when it attempts to connect to an application service that the AppServer broker supports. The choices are:
*Register-IP — (Default) This setting is the most efficient mechanism and can be used in most cases. It registers with the IP address of the machine where the broker is located.
*Register-LocalHost — The broker registers with the hostname of the machine that it runs on. Use this setting when the broker runs on a machine with a single hostname and more than one IP address.
*Register-HostName — The broker registers with the values specified in the HostName property. Use this setting when your clients need a fully qualified host name to connect to a broker in a different DNS domain.
Registration host name
The host name alias of the local system.