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Configuring AppServers and AppServer Internet Adapters : AppServer configuration and administration

AppServer configuration and administration

With the AppServer, you can make ABL applications available to multiple machines over a network.
You can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to configure new AppServer instances and administer the configurations of existing instances. The AppServer installation provides one sample AppServer (asbroker1). You can use this sample component as a template for creating and configuring additional AppServers. Each AppServer is called an instance.
* Understanding AppServer configuration
* AppServer features
* Working with the AppServer
* AppServer configuration properties
* Configuring an AppServer
* Editing an AppServer configuration
* Creating an AppServer
* Starting and stopping an AppServer
* Adding or trimming AppServer agents
* Viewing the status of an AppServer
* Viewing AppServer process details
* Stopping an AppServer agent
* Killing an AppServer agent
* Deleting an AppServer
* Viewing the AppServer log files