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Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : WebSpeed security : Securing your WebSpeed application : Using DBAUTHKEY to lock your r-code to the database
Using DBAUTHKEY to lock your r-code to the database
An under-used feature of OpenEdge is the DBAUTHKEY (and RCODEKEY) features of PROUTIL.
With DBAUTHKEY, you assign a key to the database and then any code compiled against that database will have the key in it. When it comes time to run the code, if the key in the database does not match the key in the r-code, you will get an error similar to the following:
** CRC for table does not match CRC in program. Try recompiling. (1896)
If you already have r-code deployed, use the RCODEKEY function of PROUTIL to tag the existing r-code without the must recompile.
See OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration for more information on using the DBAUTHKEY and RCODEKEY features of PROUTIL.