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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : WebSpeed security : Securing your WebSpeed application : Minimize the PROPATH
Minimize the PROPATH
It is essential that the PROPATH is kept to a minimum, both for performance and security. The OpenEdge-install/tty directory and all the r-code libraries (*.PL) in the OpenEdge-install/tty directory are added to the end of your PROPATH setting by default. This means that there are many programs in your PROPATH that you did not write and anyone can run these programs by adding them to the end of your URL.
To avoid this, simply rename the OpenEdge-install/tty directory to OpenEdge-install/tty_save. Then, copy all the r-code files you use to a new directory called tty in your deployment area and add this to the end of your PROPATH. Remember that some of the r-code files WebSpeed might use are in the .PL files, and you must extract them using the PROLIB utility documented in OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications.