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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer
Creating the Login Dialog : Adding LoginBlock.cls to the Toolbox

Adding LoginBlock.cls to the Toolbox

LoginBlock is another ABL user control that you use when building the login dialog for the sample application. It looks like a standard login prompt for user name and password:
However, it differs from a real-world login because it accepts a valid user name and password when a user item is selected in the LeftBar control.
We included LoginBlock.cls as one of the pre-existing resources in the SampleApp project. You do not need to create it. However, you can open LoginBlock.cls in the Visual Designer or the ABL Editor to see how it is constructed and to examine the properties of its component controls.
Basically, LoginBlock.cls is an ABL User Control containing an UltraGroupBox control, which is a container that applies a common style to the controls you drop on it. In this case, the UltraGroupBox has two UltraWinEditors identified by two UltraLabels. The UltraWinEditors will receive the user name and password from the LeftBar control when you run the login dialog in Running LoginDlg.cls.
Before you can use LoginBlock.cls in the project, you must add it to the Toolbox.
To add LoginBlock to the Toolbox:
1. Right-click on My Controls and select Add Controls. The Add Controls dialog appears.
2. Select the ABL Controls tab.
3. Choose the LoginBlock control.
4. Click OK. LoginBlock appears under My Controls.
5. Close LoginBlock.cls if it is open.