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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer
Creating the Login Dialog : Running LoginDlg.cls

Running LoginDlg.cls

You cannot run LoginDlg.cls directly. The application must wait for the login to be completed before running the Sports window. Therefore, you must run start.p, which contains a WAIT-FOR statement that delays the launching of the Sports window.
You can open start.p in the ABL Editor to see how the running of the sample application is coded. The start.p file is one of the pre-existing resources in the SampleApp project, and it is located in the top-level of the SampleApp folder.
To launch start.p:
1. Select start.p in the Project Explorer view. It is located in the top-level SampleApp folder.
2. Select Run > Run as > Progress OpenEdge Application from the main menu.
When LoginDlg.cls runs, a modal login dialog appears, and you can check its functionality which includes:
*Setting the style of the sample application by selecting one of the three Appearance choices.
*Selecting one of the three users to set the user name and password.
*Clicking OK to launch the Sports window.