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Multi-tenancy Overview
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A tenant is a separate organizational entity within a multi-tenant database. Tenant data can only be accessed by users who are authorized to the tenant in a security domain, where a user acquires tenancy.
For tables that are defined to be multi-tenant, each tenant has its own instance of the multi-tenant table. Tenants have access only to the data in the instances designated for that specific tenant as well as to tables that are shared (non-multi-tenant).
Tenants are classified into the following types:
*Regular tenant
*Default tenant
*Super tenant
Super tenants exist to manage multi-tenant databases; they are able to see all data.
There are many administrative tasks that are done by a super tenant. For example, if a table was migrated to be multi-tenant, the existing data is placed into the default tenant's partition. To move the data from the default tenant to another regular named tenant requires data access to more than one tenant. In other words you must sign-in as a super tenant to move data between these tenants.
ABL and SQL clients can establish a new effective tenancy for a super-tenant identity programmatically.