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Multi-tenancy Overview
Multi-tenancy documentation map : Additional multi-tenant information

Additional multi-tenant information

The following table provides pointers to the many other locations in the OpenEdge documentation where you can find specific details regarding multi-tenancy enhancements.
Table 1. Additional information
For additional information on...
Database administration
OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration
Configuring multi-tenancy with the Database Administration console in OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer
OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Getting Started with Multi-tenancy and the OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer online Help
Enhancements in ABL to support multi-tenancy and multi-tenant maintenance
*OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference
*OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces
Enhancements in OpenEdge SQL to support multi-tenancy
*OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development
*OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference
Identity management and domain configurations
OpenEdge Getting Started: Identity Management
Support in Progress DB Navigator for multi-tenancy
The Progress DB Navigator Guide online Help