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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : file and product configurations : Unified Broker installation prerequisites
Unified Broker installation prerequisites
Before you install a new Unified Broker version, either to overwrite an existing installation or to add additional OpenEdge components to the current installation, make copies of your,, and proxygen.preferences files and place them in another directory. This is necessary because the new installation automatically upgrades the files in the install-path\properties directory. After you have finished your new installation, replace the newly installed versions of these files with your copies. When you start the AdminServer, your older files will be updated to match the current standards for these files.
When you uninstall an existing Progress or OpenEdge product, the process copies the,, and proxygen.preferences files in the OpenEdge-install-path\properties directory, to \%TEMP%. After installing a new OpenEdge Release 11.4 product, you can manually copy and replace the files from \%TEMP%.
Under certain conditions, you might have to modify this file. You can use the mergeprop utility or a text editor to do this.
Note: Each configuration definition contains environment variables, registry entries, and property settings for each product instance. OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer and the associated command-line configuration utilities use this file to store and validate the configurations for the products.