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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : file and product configurations file and product configurations

The file stores all the configuration definitions for each instance of the following OpenEdge products:
*OpenEdge NameServer
*AppServer Internet Adapter
*OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ
*DataServer for MS SQL Server
*ODBC DataServers (in Windows only)
*ORACLE DataServer
*WebSpeed Transaction Server
The UNIX and Windows files are the same except for platform-specific differences (for example, differences in directory path separators and the differences between environment variable references on UNIX and registry references in Windows).
There is one copy of this file local to each OpenEdge installation. The AdminServer reads and updates the file according to your instructions using the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer and management utilities. The file is installed in the properties subdirectory of the OpenEdge installation directory (for example, $DLC/properties/ on UNIX, or %DLC%\properties\ in Windows). In order for the AdminServer to access the properties file, the file must reside in this directory.
* Unified Broker products and associated clients
* Unified Broker installation prerequisites
* file structure
* Specifying IP version for underlying Java code