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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : Installation overview : Starting the installation process
Starting the installation process
To initiate the Installation Utility to install OpenEdge products:
1. Obtain a copy of the completed Preinstallation Checklist for UNIX or Linux. You might also want to have the other installation-related documents highlighted in Preinstallation documentation resources available for reference.
Note: When you install a client networking license, the ADM2 directory is not installed in the OpenEdge-install-dir/GUI directory. This r-code is considered part of your application and should be deployed as a module of your application.
2. Close all other applications before beginning the installation process.
Note: Other applications or tasks might interfere with the installation or they might use files that OpenEdge needs to complete the installation. Shut down any processes where the executable itself, or a file used by the executable, is located in the directory where you intend to install OpenEdge.
3. Log in as root. If you do not know the root password for your machine, check with your system administrator.
4. To install OpenEdge product installation program, Progress Software Corporation supports Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) download. Navigate to the software image you intend to download from the Progress Software Download Center.
Note: Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) download supports downloading software images from the Progress Download Center available at This Web site requires a valid account that your company must establish with Progress Software Corporation to access OpenEdge products and updates.
5. Download the software image and save it to your PC.
6. To start the installation, enter the following install command in the command prompt and press Enter:
Note: Path refers to the directory where you have saved the software image. You cannot run proinst if you are in the directory where you have saved the software image or the intended installation directory.
If the JVM is ...
Then ...
Next ...
Found to be installed on your platform
The Welcome dialog box appears.
Proceed with the installation
Not found to be installed on your platform
The Installation Utility searches your $PATH for it
If the JVM is then found in the $PATH, the Welcome dialog box appears
The JVM has not been detected Warning message appears
The installation continues, but you can only install products that do not require a JVM
The JVM version does not match the version supported by OpenEdge Warning message appears
You can choose to continue with the installation whether or not you have the supported JVM version on your system, however, Progress Software Corporation recommends that you install the supported JVM version to ensure full functionality1

1 If you are performing a batch installation, you can add an entry to the .ini file to allow batch installs to override this warning. See OpenEdge Silent installation overview for more information.

7. Enter OK when the Welcome dialog box appears:
8. Proceed to Performing the installation.