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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Starting and Running OpenEdge : Starting OpenEdge in Windows

Starting OpenEdge in Windows

OpenEdge startup commands differ with certain operating systems, user interfaces, and network software. In Windows, you can use the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to start a server. See Configuration for more information on launching OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer. See the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer online help for instructions on connecting to an AdminServer.
If you are an international customer, you can set code pages for different application components at startup. You can also set numerical and date/time formats at startup by specifying internationalization parameters. See OpenEdge Development: Internationalizing Applications and OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration for more information on using internationalization parameters at startup.
* Startup and shutdown
* Starting OpenEdge as a Windows service
* Starting single-user OpenEdge in interactive mode
* Starting single-user OpenEdge in batch or background mode
* Starting the multi-user server or broker
* Starting the multi-user server or broker as a Windows service