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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Working in the OpenEdge Environment on UNIX : Setting Java environment variables : Setting the JDK environment variable
Setting the JDK environment variable
In most circumstances, you will not need to set the JDK environment variable. When you load your installation medium, the Installation Program determines whether JVM is on your machine. It also verifies that you have the correct JVM version required to run OpenEdge. See Starting the installation process for more information. If necessary, you can correctly set up your JDK environment for products that rely on the environment variables set by the script file $DLC/bin/java_env (for example, JDKHOME and JREHOME).
To correctly set up your JDK environments if this task was not accomplished when your installation medium was loaded, you must edit this file and change the JDKHOME value from:
Where /usr1/jdk-directory is the JDK install directory.
Note: This modification applies to the HP-UX sections of the $DLC/bin/java_env file. The JDK is bundled on the Sun Solaris platform, and therefore is not needed. The root directory owns the java_env file, and the individual modifying the file must have root access.