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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Installation overview : Performing the installation
Performing the installation
Once you have loaded the installation program from your installation medium, you are ready to perform the online tasks required to install OpenEdge.
Refer to the table in Gathering information to plan your installation for the documents you should reference during installation to help you perform the online OpenEdge installation.
Also, refer to the online installation help system that contains a help topic for each installation dialog box. To access the online help while you are running the Installation Utility:
*Choose Help on an installation dialog box. The help topic associated with the dialog box appears and describes the step-by-step procedure required to complete the dialog box.
*Choose help topics that display in the help system's Table of Contents. Note that the help viewer in which you can read an individual help topic also displays the help system's Table of Contents in the left pane. Use the Table of Contents to navigate through all the online installation-related help topics. To display the Table of Contents, click Show on the Navigator bar.