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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Performing postinstallation tasks

Performing postinstallation tasks

Before you run OpenEdge, there are some postinstallation tasks you might need to complete, depending on your application needs and goals:
*Completing the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility (DCU) — The DCU wizard guides you through the setup steps to install Progress Dynamics. For the procedures to complete the DCU, see Completing the DCU wizard.
*Completing third-party software installations — If you installed products that require the Microsoft .NET Framework, and you agreed to OpenEdge installing the framework, the installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework automatically launches.
*Set environment variables — For more information on setting environment variables (including SQL), see Working in the OpenEdge Environment in Windows
*Create customized executables — To create customized product executables, see the information on building ABL executables in OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications. Creating executables might be required for certain product configurations.
*Re-apply properties file details (if needed) — See OpenEdge automatic save of properties files.
*Validate and populate group names created for the AdminServer security option — The tasks used to verify that your groups were created, and to identify the specific members of these groups, are completed outside of the OpenEdge installation. The installation process only allows you to create the groups that you specify.
Note: For detailed information about how to verify that groups have been created, and how to access and set up group members for each group in Windows, refer to your operating system-specific documentation. The criteria you use to set up users within each group is determined by your company.
*Edit files to point to a previously installed JDK — If the required version of the Java Soft (InstallShield) JDK was installed on your system prior to the OpenEdge Version 11.4 installation and you choose to use this pre-existing JDK utility, as a postinstallation task, you must edit files tailored by the install to ensure that they point to this pre-existing JDK. Contact Progress Technical Support for assistance to perform this task.
* Updating additional JBOSS ports post-installation for OpenEdge Business Process Server