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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Windows-specific installation considerations : Saving an existing OpenEdge or Progress installation in Windows : OpenEdge automatic save of properties files
OpenEdge automatic save of properties files
OpenEdge automatically makes copies of your,, and proxygen.preferences files and places them in a work directory. The new installation automatically upgrades the files in the install-path\properties directory. However, after you have finished your new installation, you must replace the newly installed versions of these files with these copies. When you start the AdminServer, your older files will be updated to match the current standards for these files. For information about the procedure to uninstall an existing OpenEdge product and instantiating the properties files, see Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux
When you uninstall an existing OpenEdge product, the process copies the three files in the install-path\properties directory, to \%TEMP%:,, and proxygen.preferences. After installing a new OpenEdge product, you can manually copy back the files from \%TEMP%.