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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : OpenEdge Replication

OpenEdge Replication

OpenEdge Replication provides database replication so that customers have access to their database with minimal interruption.
OpenEdge Replication requires an OpenEdge Enterprise database or OpenEdge Release Workgroup database license for each local or remote OpenEdge database used in replication. You can replicate only from Enterprise to Enterprise database and Workgroup to Workgroup database.
For more information about OpenEdge Replication, see OpenEdge Replication: User Guide.
How you install OpenEdge Replication depends on whether you are:
*Installing OpenEdge Replication for the first time
*Upgrading an existing OpenEdge or Progress installation onUNIX platforms
Note: When you install OpenEdge Replication, the AdminServer is started before OpenEdge Replication is added to the AdminServer property files. This means that OpenEdge Replication will not be enabled until the next time the AdminServer is started. To enable OpenEdge Replication, simply stop the AdminServer and restart it.
* Installing OpenEdge Replication for the first time
* Upgrading an existing version of OpenEdge Replication