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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : UNIX-specific installation considerations : Upgrading an existing OpenEdge or Progress installation on UNIX platforms
Upgrading an existing OpenEdge or Progress installation on UNIX platforms
If you have OpenEdge or Progress installed, you can upgrade to the latest OpenEdge release.
To upgrade to the latest release of OpenEdge:
1. Make sure that the ULIMIT is set to at least 8MB and at least 128 file descriptors. For specific instructions on setting the ULIMIT on your system, consult the man page by typing man ulimit at the command prompt.
2. Truncate the before-image (.bi) file of any existing database using the PROUTIL TRUNCATE BI utility. Back up your OpenEdge database using the PROBKUP utility. For more information about the PROUTIL TRUNCATE BI and PROBKUP utilities, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.
3. Make copies of your and files to another directory. The new installation automatically upgrades the files in the OpenEdge-install-dir/properties directory. (However, note that the full PATH to DLC is not updated automatically; you must edit it manually.) After your new installation is complete, replace the newly installed versions of these files with your copies. When you start the AdminServer, your older files will be updated to match the current standards for these files.
4. Make sure you are installing the software into a directory other than the directory from which you are running the Installation Utility.